The Ogilvy Labs in London operates as a self-funded R&D facility that acts as a change agent within Ogilvy Group UK - so we're here to ensure Ogilvy is innovating both inside the agency and for our clients.

Our vision is threefold:

  1. To seek out and engage partners who would help the agency and its clients achieve their business and marketing goals.

  2. To develop, nurture and support new business ventures.

  3. To provide experiences that would inspire through pervasive creativity - such as our Bi-Annual Semesters of Learning.






We measure our success by the following 6 R's: 



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Stay up to date with the latest technology trends with our Ogilvy Labs reports covering key innovation and technology events across the globe.

Check out our most recent SXSW 2015 report here



"I would not found one agency - I would found two. I would create a dual agency. 80% of the clients money would be spent in one half - using conventional models and metrics and 20% would be spent on R&D... even exploring new models of human behaviour."   Rory Sutherland